Manage Site Information

To set up information about your Community Site, go to your Site's interface, click About on the menu bar, and proceed to Edit the Site information.

In the About section, you can change:

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  • Site name: Enter your site name or edit it here. Your Site name will accurately reflect what the Site is about.


  • Must be a minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 75 characters.
  • Contain no terms or phrases that may be abusive or violate someone's rights (See more: Community Standards)
  • Do not contain all capital letters. A Site name must use grammatically correct capitalization, except for acronyms.
  • Contain no special characters.
  • Do not include any variation of the word "Hahalolo".
  • Do not use misleading words. If the Site is not an Official one of a brand, location, organization, or public figure, its name must not mislead others as to whether it is an Official Site or is managed by an authorized representative.
  • Site alias: Enter an alias name for your site or edit it here.

    It is easier for people to find your Site when it has a unique alias. Sites with aliases can also create URLs that allow people to quickly access and message them.


  • Alias must be a minimum limit of 5 characters and a maximum limit of 50 characters.
  • You can only have one alias for your Site and cannot confirm an alias that has been used.
  • Alias can only contain alphanumeric characters (A–Z, 0–9) and periods (".").
  • Period (".") and capitalization can't be used to distinguish aliases. For example: tranlinh15, Tran.Linh15 and tran.linh.15 are considered the same alias.
  • Alias must not contain generic terms or extensions (example: .com, .net).
  • You must be an admin to create or change the Site's alias.
  • Your alias must adhere to the Hahalolo Terms and Conditions.
  • Categories: Select categories for your site or edit them here. A site can have up to 3 categories.
  • Phone number: Select an area code and enter a phone number.
  • Email: Enter an email address.
  • Website: Enter a web link.
  • Other accounts: Select other social media accounts and enter links of those accounts for your site.
  • Office name: Enter your office name.
  • Phone number: Select an area code and enter a phone number.
  • Email: Enter an email address.
  • Address: Enter an address and Postal code for your site. You just need to enter the address including number, street name and city, then press Screenshot_4.png Hahalolo will automatically extract the information below.
  • Select working hours for your site.
  • In case you select “Open on selected hours”, you need to set up your opening hours for days you choose.
  • Description: Enter a short description of your site or an introduction of your products and services.
  • Privacy policy: Enter your site's privacy policy.
  • Impressum: Enter information about impressum.
  • Adwards: Enter awards that your site has achieved.
  • Cover photo: Update a cover photo for the introduction.
  • Title: Enter a title for the introduction.
  • Content: Enter detailed content for your site's introduction.

Note: The introduction will be published on your site.

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