Manage Site Members

To manage members of your Community Site, go to the Site's interface, click Members on the menu bar and proceed with your settings.

How do I set up a Site membership registration?

If you are an admin, you can choose to enable or disable membership registration feature for your site from the following options:

  1. Click the Membership registration setup section.
  2. Click Screenshot_1.png Allows membership registration to enable this feature.

When the feature of "Membership registration" is turned on, please set up How to register with 2 options:

  • Become a member immediately: All member registration requests are accepted, except for pending members.
  • Member approval: This means admins or moderators are required to approve member requests before someone joins or is invited to join your Site.

    You can ask pending members up to 3 questions by clicking Screenshot_1.png Approve with questions to enable this feature once you approve them to join your site.

How do I Add, Edit or Remove member approval questions in my Site?

You can set up a maximum of 3 questions before approving member requests. This helps admins to review if signing members are truly interested in your Site before their requests are approved.


  1. Click “Create question” to add a new question.
  2. Select a question type:
    • Multiple choice: Any answer for this type of question must be chosen from one of the available answers. Click More options below the existing answer to add a new option. Click Screenshot_2.png to delete an existing answer.
    • Multiple answer: Users can select multiple answers at the same time. Click More options below the existing answer to add a new answer. Click Screenshot_2.png  to delete an existing answer.
    • Written answer: Users must type their answers directly without available answers.
  3. Click Save to finish.


  1. Click Edit below each question.
  2. Edit the information.
  3. Click Save to finish.


  1. Click Delete below each question.
  2. Click Confirm to delete a question.
  • When someone goes to your Site and clicks Join, they'll see a form that includes questions you've set. If someone is invited to join your Site, they'll receive a notification to answer questions. Clicking the notification will take them to the form.
  • Prospective members can respond to only one question or all questions, responding is not mandatory.
  • If a prospective member exits without answering the questions, their request shall still go through.
How do I approve a request to join my Site?
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You can manage requests to join your Site in the section of Member requests:

  • Approve: Accept requests to join your Site.
  • Decline: Decline requests to join your Site.

You may also approve multiple member requests from the following options:

  1. Tick the checkbox on the left of each profile picture or the checkbox below the search toolvuong.pngAccount.
  2. Click Approve all to accept, or Decline all to deny the selected requests.
How do I Find, View, or Remove a member from my Site?


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  1. In Members, go to the search tool.
  2. Enter the name of the member you wish to see.
  3. Enter the participation period of the member you want to find (including From date and To date).
  4. Click Search to find members based on the previously entered information, or click Reset to refresh the information.


You can view Member Names with the Date and time of participation.


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  1. In Members, click pasted_image_0.png on the right of a member you want to remove.
  2. Click Remove member.
  3. Select Agree to remove the member from your Site.
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