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  • Community Site is created by a personal or business account of the Hahalolo social network, aiming to assemble a group of people that share a common interest or a certain concern. The Community Site is integrated into the Hahalolo travel social network for public figures, celebrities, or administrative organizations, delighting the common good of interaction with users in the community.
  • By joining a Site on Hahalolo, you will see its content and updates on your News Feed.


  • Celebrity site: For individuals who are singers, actors, actresses, fan clubs, or celebrities from all other fields.
  • Organization site: For associations, unions, state agencies, and other types of administrative organizations.


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  1. Go to your personal account, click the "Create community site" button on the left side of the screen.
  2. From the interface of creating a Community Site, select a site type that is suitable for the content you're going to post on your Site, meeting its criteria and operational purposes.
  3. Name your Community Site.
  4. Select “Categories”.

    For the Celebrity site, you need to select “Categories” to write a brief overview of your Site. Example: The site name is "Travel experience", and its category is "Personal blog".

  5. Click "Create community site".


  • A profile is required if you wish to create a Community Site, or else you can assist in managing a Community Site.
  • Anyone can create Sites. A user may create one or more sites for many dissimilar purposes on Hahalolo.
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