Airline ticket booking terms


I. General Terms

1. Definitions

“Hahalolo” is an e-commerce website/application system operated and managed by Hahalolo Travel Social Network Joint Stock Company (hereafter referred to as “Hahalolo/we/us/our”), and is notified to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We specialize in e-commerce service provision in the areas of travel which include online air ticket services of domestic and international airlines, such as booking and purchase of tickets, and support passengers with flight checking and related information.

“Terms of Use” refer to the content contained in this document;

“Resources” refer to information, images, audio files, movies, etc. or any information and/or materials on this website;

“Customer” means anyone who can access this website to use it and/or its resources. In the Terms, it can be called or referred to as “You”;

“Passenger” refers to any person named on an air ticket;

“Airline” refers to a common name for enterprises doing business in air transportation including air transportation (customer, baggage, etc.), advertising, marketing, selling air products (tickets) on the market for profit purposes;

“SMS (Short Message Service) refers to a telecommunications protocol that allows sending short text messages over wireless networks.

2. Exclusion of liability

When you agree to the terms of use, you must accept any possible risks. It should be understood that:

a. Hahalolo does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or suitability for your purposes, but we make every effort to meet such requests. When you use resources from Hahalolo, you must assume all risks from such use. The resources are for reference only;

b. The host server may be infected with viruses or other components that may harm your computer or property when accessing and/or using Hahalolo and/or our resources. Hahalolo takes no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of or access to, or inability to use, or access this website/app whatsoever;

c. Hahalolo may suspend and/or discontinue services provided at any time and without prior notice. Hahalolo shall have no liability for any damages arising from any modifications or alterations of the content or inability to use this website/app, even in the event of prior notice to Hahalolo;

d. Products and services presented on Hahalolo are not implicitly valid at all times and at all locations, but shall be valid from the moment the customer and airline establish rights and obligations to each other.

e. Hahalolo may contain links to third party websites, and these links are for the sole purpose of providing links to resources that may be useful to you. Hahalolo is not responsible for the content, products, or services from such websites including the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of the information on the third party websites. You are then not obligated to comply with or be subject to these Terms, so you must carefully review the Terms of Use of those websites.

3. Customers’ rights and obligations

a. You read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions with respect to booking, reservation, ticket issuance, and other support services available on the Hahalolo system, especially those regarding itinerary change, refund and cancelation fees applied to low-cost or promotional tickets of airlines or tickets with conditional prices;

b. For booking, reservation, and ticket issuance requests on the Hahalolo website/app system, you are required to provide your mobile phone number and/or email address to contact. This provision of information is for the purposes of booking, contacting, making a reservation, confirming the flight, and responding to information between you and Hahalolo;

c. For booking, purchase or use of other services on the Hahalolo system, whether directly or indirectly, you must ensure the information provided is sufficient and accurate, and matches the information on your personal identification for air travel.

d. It is your responsibility to find out information about exit and entry or transit documents in accordance with the regulations in the country of departure and destination. Hahalolo accepts no liability or compensation for passenger's failure to comply with required travel documents or necessary conditions for air travel, including the regulations and terms of the airlines applying to passengers and their baggage, the causes determined by the fault of the passenger or in force majeure cases such as natural disasters, epidemics, fires, floods, wars, emergencies, decisions of competent state authorities;

e. Hahalolo accepts no compensation or liability whatsoever for technical faults, which means systematic errors of airlines that Hahalolo is an agent or has a commercial relationship with. The responsibility to resolve technical faults rests with airlines providing air transportation services. Hahalolo has no liability in any of the following cases: Any flight delays or changes of airlines; Quality of aviation services and related services such as quality of in-flight meals and baggage loss;

f. All complaints with respect to the performance of the contract of carriage shall be made by you directly with air carriers. Complaints should be in accordance with national and international practices as well as airline regulations;

g. In all cases, the maximum level of compensation that we compensate you is equal to or lower than the service fee paid by you when using the service on Hahalolo;

II. Terms of Use

1. Flight ticket booking

Booking or creating orders is the purchase of air tickets of airlines on the Hahalolo website or through our other support centers that you may choose such as call centers and other communication portals/channels.

a. You agree to the terms of use when making a booking with Hahalolo;

b. You make a booking through Hahalolo by means of purchasing air tickets on the Hahalolo System;

c. To make a booking, you are required to provide Hahalolo or our help center with data including your personal information, especially First Name and Last Name, Gender, Address, Email address, and Phone number. In the event that you buy a ticket for someone else, you also need to provide personal information of the person using the ticket directly and information needed to issue a value-added tax invoice;

d. You can make a request for additional services according to the airline regulations that allow their agencies to deploy;

e. Your booking may not be possible if you skip one of the above items;

f. In order to make a booking, you should provide the number of information regarding your choice of air ticket such as place of departure and destination, departure date, return date (if any), number of adults (12 years and older), infants (0-2 years), and children (2-12 years). In the event that you take a multi-sector flight, you can directly contact our Hahalolo help center for assistance;

g. When starting a booking, you need to check and ensure the accuracy of all the data provided. Once you make a booking decision, you should pay special attention to the information related to the fare, service fee, total cost, terms and conditions of air tickets of the airline providing air transportation service and Hahalolo’s terms of use;

h. Ticket price that you receive from the Hahalolo help center or the Hahalolo website/app is constructed by Hahalolo itself and we do not guarantee that the ticket price is fixed. It is only guaranteed at the time of ticket issuance. This term shall not be applied to the service fee of Hahalolo;

i. The ticketing time limit for air ticket bookings needs to comply with the time limits set by the airlines. This deadline can be changed, shortened, and you need to follow these deadlines;

j. After you've received confirmation of the booking, and the receipt of payment from Hahalolo if the price ticket or ticketing period changes, we shall immediately notify you again. In this case, you have the right to:

  • Accept the difference payment to make the booking, make the payment and issue the ticket according to the new ticketing deadline or cancel the booking.
  • In case you decide to cancel the booking, you shall receive the full amount paid to Hahalolo. The airline takes full responsibility for the change of the fare as well as the ticketing time limit leading to your booking cancelation. Hahalolo is not responsible for any charges that may occur to you due to the cancelation.In addition, Hahalolo accepts no responsibility for your booking canceled by the airline because we cannot contact you or you do not answer the email or phone. You agree that the airline may change the ticket purchase period, and the new ticket purchase period is only a short time away from the time of notification;

k. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information in the above sections as well as parameters for the selection of flights. You understand and agree that: After booking, if the information and parameters change, you may have to make a new one. In this case, Hahalolo does not guarantee that the flight, price ticket, flight date, and travel information shall be the same as the information sent to you in the old booking;

l. You agree that some interfaces of the Hahalolo website/app may provide some advice on flights. These consultations are made purely for the purpose of serving promotional programs and you can fully accept or reject these advice. The selection or rejection of these consultations is the right of yours and we are not responsible for your choice.

m. Your booking shall be confirmed by Hahalolo by sending you via mobile phone and/or Email and/or text message (SMS) the content including order code on the Hahalolo system and all information related to the booked flights. In case the booking is made through the Hahalolo help center,  the order code information and all information related to the flight shall be conveyed to you by our staff and then sent to your email and/or SMS;

n. In the booking confirmation sent to you by Hahalolo, there is a link to the Hahalolo website where you can read the terms of use by clicking on the Airline ticket terms in the Help Center section of the website or Hahalolo app. Our call center may also notify you of these terms directly. By making a payment to your booking, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the Hahalolo's terms and policies;

o. You understand that providing sufficient information to the payment section required in the Booking Confirmation will be the basis for making the booking. Regardless of the delay, the lack of information may lead to a failure to make a booking;

p. The payment of part of the total cost or payment after the booking deadline means that the payment is not yet made;

q. The booking confirmation that Hahalolo sends to you is not air ticket and is not valid for flights;

r. You shall receive the e-ticket after completing the payment within the booking limit time stated in the booking confirmation, and your payment amount is under item (j) described in the “Flight ticket booking” clause;

s. Total cost, including airfare and service fee, is calculated in Vietnamese Dong and includes value-added tax (VAT).

2. Payment

You may pay by one of the payment methods listed on the Hahalolo Payment Terms page. You understand that Hahalolo does not ensure all forms of payment shall be applied to all different bookings. The payment method also depends on other factors of the booking as well as the Hahalolo policy on payment methods;

You agree that, if the payment date is not specified in any other terms of the Hahalolo's Terms of Use, it is understood as the date on which the Total Cost, including the fare and Service Fee of Hahalolo is paid via an online payment gateway or transferred to one of the bank accounts of Hahalolo and is done during working hours. When Hahalolo provides payment forms, you can choose the payment methods for booking your flight such as transferring to the Hahalolo's bank account or paying through online payment gateway service providers;

In accordance with Clause 1.(Flight ticket booking), you agree that the fare may change during the period from when you receive a booking confirmation until you make the payment. Depending on the policy of the Airline in each period, if the fare changes even after you paid for the booking, you also agree to accept the Airline policy.

At any stage before Hahalolo has received your payment, if the ticket price changes, we shall promptly notify you by Email or SMS;

In case the Airline has a change in the ticketing time limit, Hahalolo shall not be required to comply with the ticketing deadline announced to you previously. If you agree with the new ticketing deadline, you need to comply with the regulations on ticketing deadlines according to new deadlines. On the contrary, if you disagree with a change in the ticketing time limit, you have the right to cancel the booking. When you cancel a booking, all amounts paid to Hahalolo to make the booking shall be refunded to you. The booking shall be canceled in accordance with item (j) Clause 1 of part II;

Hahalolo is not responsible for any occurrences, including the costs you have spent to make the booking according to the previous booking confirmation, which is caused by your agreement to pay the difference or because you agree to cancel the booking in case the Airline changes the fare or ticketing time limit. This term does not apply to the amount that you have paid to make a booking prior to the cancelation of the booking. This paid amount shall be refunded to you under item (j), Clause 1 of part II.

a. Payment by bank transfer:

  • You can use the form of bank transfer to pay if this form of payment is accepted in the confirmation of booking. Upon payment by bank transfer, you shall receive confirmation from the bank about the transfer. After receiving your payment, Hahalolo shall proceed to send you via email/SMS a successful payment notification. In the event that Hahalolo has not received notice from the Bank, we shall assist You in confirming the successful transfer information from the Bank.

b. Payment via online payment gateways:

  • You can use the form of payment via online payment gateways. In bookings, there is a link to the website where you can make payments through the online payment gateway. To access this website, you need to follow the instructions in your bookings;
  • After accessing the website/app, you need to comply with its regulations, notifications and instructions;
  • Hahalolo is not the administrator of the online payment websites, so we take no responsibility for things whatsoever related to the payment via online payment gateways. Hahalolo is not responsible for any errors regarding the payment via online payment gateways, including ones caused by your inaccurate or incomplete information provision when you make payments;
  • Upon your payment, you shall receive a successful payment confirmation from the payment gateway. If you do not receive confirmation of successful payment within a maximum of 01 hour of the moment on which the payment is made, please contact Hahalolo immediately for solutions;
  • The moment that Hahalolo receives confirmation of your payment from the online payment gateway means your payment has been successful.

3. Ticket issuance

  • Hahalolo staff shall issue air tickets after receiving the full payment from you. In certain situations, we can perform the ticket issuance outside business hours and during public holidays to better serve customers. In such circumstances, you agree to receive a booking code for your flight first, while the receipt of the invoice can be done after full payment by electronic invoice;
  • After issuing tickets, Hahalolo staff shall send the electronic ticket to you via Email and/or SMS with booking code on the date the ticket is issued. Hahalolo is not responsible for your failure to receive e-ticket due to the provision of incorrect Email address and/or mobile phone number. In case of not receiving Email and/or booking code via SMS, you should check the anti-virus and anti-spam programs on your computer or contact Hahalolo hotline for assistance in resending tickets.

4. Ticket refund, cancelation and change

  • You can cancel the booking within the time of ticket purchase, before the ticket has been issued by contact Hahalolo via Hotline 1900 57 12 48 or Email: Booking cancelation before the ticket purchase deadline shall not be charged cancelation fee.
  • You have the right to cancel the ticket (You terminate the contract of carriage) in accordance with the conditions in the cancelation price list of the Airlines. In the event of cancelation, the Service Fees paid to Hahalolo shall be non-refundable. In order to cancel your ticket, please contact us via Hotline 1900 57 12 48 or Email: for assistance.
  • You agree that Airlines providing services on the Hahalolo System may cancel their air tickets (The Airline terminates the contract of carriage) before/after the air ticket has been issued for a number of subjective reasons from the Airline or force majeure reasons. If this is the case, you have the right to make a new booking. Hahalolo does not guarantee that the conditions in new bookings shall be the same as the original ones. In case air tickets are canceled after being issued, the Airline undertakes to be responsible for this air ticket cancelation.
  • You agree that Airlines may change the parameters of air tickets such as departure time, flight number, departure point and/or destination change, or flight cancelation after the air ticket has been issued due to some subjective reasons from the Airline or force majeure reasons. The Airline is responsible for the above-mentioned changes.
  • In the case that Hahalolo receives any information about ticket cancelation or changes from Airlines, we shall notify you promptly as well as provide you with proposed solutions of the Airline.
  • Airlines generally do not allow changes to passenger names. In some special cases, if the Airline allows the name change, Hahalolo shall perform the change of the name at your request. Additionally, Airlines usually accept passenger requests to change the ticket details such as flight date and time or flight itinerary depending on specific conditions of your selected booking class. In accordance with the airline regulations, Hahalolo shall perform the ticket change at your request and charge a fee under the conditions of the booking class.
  • You agree to pay Hahalolo for Service Fees to perform the change of passenger name or air ticket as specified above.

5. Information security

  • Hahalolo attaches great importance to information security and prioritizes the use of the most effective technical measures to protect customers' personal information and payments. The fact that Hahalolo collects main data on the system, including full name, email address, phone number, address of customers, ect during the transaction process is imperative as they're in need of advice or wish to buy products. On the other hand, Hahalolo can contact and confirm with customers again to ensure the interests of Customers.
  • Hahalolo commits that your personal data is used for the following purposes:
    • Providing electronic services such as delivering information upon customer requests, sending marketing and promotional emails about products to customers, or sending activity notifications arising on the Hahalolo system;
    • Ensuring communication between Users and Hahalolo;
    • Providing information upon requests related to customers' illegal acts of judicial authorities including the Procuracy, the Court, or the Police agency.
  • Hahalolo commits that the processing of your personal data complies with the current laws of Vietnam.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, Hahalolo undertakes not to use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about your personal information without your consent. In addition, when there are signs of data loss, you are responsible for reporting on the website so that Hahalolo can take timely measures.
  • Hahalolo is not responsible and does not settle all claims related to your interests if it is found that all of the transaction information provided by you at the initial registration is incorrect.
  • You may proceed to make any changes within the scope of your personal information by sending a written request to Hahalolo with details needed to change via Email:

6. Complaints

  • You have the right to complain about the quality of service provided by Hahalolo. We shall settle your complaints as quickly as possible within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of receipt of your complaints.
  • A valid complaint is one sent by email to or in writing of the complainant, which contains all the information prescribed in Section I.3. After verification, Hahalolo shall reply in writing as soon as possible but no later than the specified time. In the event that the complaint record does not meet the requirements in Section I.3, Hahalolo shall notify and instruct you how to complete it in accordance with regulations.
  • A complaint should include:
    • Reason for complaint;
    • User Information, including contact information and a complaint must be signed by the User.

7. General Terms

  • In addition to the Airline Ticket Terms of Use, you need to agree to other policies and terms relating to users on the Hahalolo System when using this service. All such policies and rules are considered an integral part of the Airline Ticket Terms of Use. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms of the Airline Ticket Terms of Use and those in those policies or rules, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.
  • For any damage resulting from your violation of the service, Hahalolo reserves the right to take any necessary remedial actions, including but not limited to the right to suspend or block your account. If you are not satisfied with the Terms, policies or how business pages work on the Hahalolo system, you have the right to stop using this service.
  • All regulations in the Terms (and all obligations arising out of or relating to the Terms of Use) are governed by the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute arising out of or in relation with this Terms of Use Agreement shall be resolved by arbitration at the Vietnam International Arbitration Center at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VIAC) in accordance with its rules of arbitration. The place of dispute resolution is appointed by Hahalolo and the language to be used in arbitral proceedings is Vietnamese. The losing party shall be liable for any costs or expenses incurred. The arbitral award is final and binding upon the Parties.
  • The regulations in these Terms of Use will be regularly revised and updated by Hahalolo to suit each period of service implementation. At the same time, these modifications will be effective immediately upon being posted on the Hahalolo System.


I. Vietjet: Please refer to the policy document attached Here.

II. Vietnam Airlines: Please refer to the policy document attached Here.

III. Bamboo Airways: Please refer tothe policy document attached Here.

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