Redeem Points in the payment

You can use your available Points to redeem direct discounts when making order payments for tours, hotels, and flight tickets on Hahalolo:

  1. After clicking “Book” a selected tour/hotel/flight ticket, you will be redirected to the Booking information page to enter information and pay for the order.
  2. In the Use Points section, turn on the toggle switch Screenshot_1o.png
  3. Enter Number of Points you want to apply.

    1 Point has a corresponding conversion value of $0.1. This conversion value is displayed in the currency selected by the user, in terms of using the standard currency to convert at the bank's current price in USD.

  4. Click Apply to apply the direct discount redeemed from the number of Points you selected to the order.
  5. If you need to change the selected number of Points, click Change and re-enter a new one, then click Apply.


  • The number of Points applied must not exceed the number of Points available to the order.
  • There is a certain limit on the maximum number of Points applied, depending on the total value of the order and product-specific (tours, hotels, flights).
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